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"PIXIE offers interactive courses and challenges
for programming and maths lessons and
enables teachers to test their students
development in real time "
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"I think Pixie’s learning and usability curve is faster than other solutions. Pixie allows teachers to do a real time assessment of each student, so they can check their pupil’s progress"
Jorge Moreno. ICT Coordinator.
SEK International Schools
"Pixie isn’t just a digital tool which allows you to learn to code, but a cross curricular device integrating other subjects like Maths"
Mariló García. Computer Science Teacher.
Kolbe International School
En el colegio
"PIXIE allows you to learn from home step by step.
With programming challenges fit for your age
and a record of progress measuring
your advance"
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«PIXIE is a support system to teach and learn
programming created from a standard system
based on visual blocks of code inspired by Scratch
and based on Blockly (Google)»

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